Pre-Advanced 1

*IN-PERSON* Japanese Pre-Advanced 1 - Ms Mizusaki - Thursday : 6.15 pm - 7.45 pm - 16 Weeks -October 21, 2021

Please note that this class will be conducted in-person.

With effect from 1st June 2021 10 AM, we will implement an across-the-board increase in our course fees.

Please make payment for the next course you have registered for under the current rate by 31st May 2021. The discount entitlements in the loyalty cards remain.

To register for the following class, please contact Bunka. Your registration is not confirmed until payment is received. Please be informed that registrations will be closed 7 days before commencement of the class and late registrations will not be allowed and might incur additional charge.

NOTE: Active students between 17 May and 13 June (as long as you are registered in a class during this period) can utilise the $50 class credit mentioned in the announcement page. These $50 class credits can be used for your next continuation class and have a validity of 6 months (until 13 December 2021). This credit is not transferable.

All you need to do is when you sign up for your next class let us know that you would like to use the credits, and we will apply this discount for you.

For students who prefer PayPal as their preferred payment method, please select Nets/Cash as your preferred payment method and inform us. We will then send you the discounted Paypal link.

  • Date: 21st of October, 2021 (Thursday)
  • Time: 06:15 PM -07:45 PM
  • Teacher: Ms Mizusaki
  • Location: Room E (14)
  • Price: $400.00
  • Available Space: 8

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