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South African Trevor Noah will not smuggle mangoes into Australia as a fruit mule

When was the last time you ate caterpillars? Hello, anybody?

For South African comedian and now host of The Daily Show, Trevor Noah, it a thing he did for a while.

not like I the only person, a lot of people have lived in all sorts of things and my life happened to involve eating caterpillars for a while. We cooked them, that how we got through a very poor time in our lives, that part of my journey, says the affable, 32 year old, now based in New York as he fills Jon Stewart unfillable shoes.

Some Aboriginal people eat witchetty grubs. really, I have to check that out. He an open minded guy. Things that are making him laugh today are madness in Britain, the whole Brexit converse sko med foer thing. Also, Donald Trump. Those things combined with my life, he says.

Noah can try witchetty grubs and fried goanna first hand when he comes back to do stand up comedy here and play his biggest, buzziest Australian shows yet. When the dapper chap was here in 2013 doing his show, The Racist, Noah had a grand old time and picked up a Barry Award nomination at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Tacos Trevor Noah

Strangely, it was something epicurean he remembers most of his time here, and we not talking about three hat restaurants.

favourite thing was seeing a Border Control guard almost arrest someone for bringing in fruit, a Chinese person, they were being chastised, it was insane, he says. were like (shouting) CAN BRING THIS IN, DIDN YOU SEE THE SIGN!? He was losing it. I used to watch Border Patrol in London and they caught a French guy with weed and they just gave him a warning. Australia has it the other way around. always, unexpected, often horrible life experiences make great material for comics.

Noah recounted some doozies on Jerry Seinfeld series Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee.

In the freewheeling interview with Seinfeld, Noah also explained that before he broke through he would sleep during the day then do six shows per night, including spots in comedy clubs.

Six sets!

Trevor Noah 2015 show

miss that to a certain extent but it not like that gonna go anywhere. At some point I be done at The Daily Show and I go back to that crazy comedy life. It great to know it always gonna be there, an exciting field for me to be in, he says. don miss those days that much because it all accessible to me. the talent scout, Seinfeld had asked Noah to take a ride in a 1985 Ferrari 308 for a cup of Joe before the comic had scored the job replacing Jon Stewart as host of The Daily Show. A very confident, nothing bothers him performer, one wonders whether Noah was intimidated by having to come in being politically sharp and consistently on point or whether he thought got this. way was I thinking got converse norge this There such a huge level of pressure that comes with The Daily Show. You do it as hard as you can and then some day someone will tell you you got it, but to believe you have it is a fallacy.

learning until the very last day. In stand up comedy you realise very quickly that you always learning, he says.

he says, like he been there 101 times. In 2012, Noah became the first South African comic to appear on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and The Late Show With David Letterman.

Now Noah is a talent scout, choosing our own Singapore Australian shouting fusionist, Ronny Chieng, as a correspondent on The Daily Show.

wanted a team around me that could come out here, grow their career and do comedy in different ways, he says. off touring with Bill Burr, which is great for him. It extremely difficult to work out if Ronnny being sincere or sarcastic. He one of the nicest human beings you meet, he tell you the nicest thing and it always sounds like he being an asshole, Noah grins. to figure it out is hard. Some title suggestions: Out Of Afrikaans, Clever Is Trevor, Caterpillars Are Made Of Meat or Noah Lark.

couldn find a good book about myself so I decided to write one. And just like me this

book doesn have an appendix, goes the presser. It contains the caterpillar anecdote as well as fumbling teenage romance, being thrown in the chaussures converse cuir clink and being thrown from a speeding car by murderous mobsters.

taken my time with the book, I really enjoying it, it really fun going through your life again, some things you totally forget and you get to enjoy converse schuhe deutschland it again. this tour, Noah will once again riff with the crowd and improvise bits, making each night a unique, LOLLING in the aisles experience.

always change the show, I see what happening in Australia, I have an hour that set but I allow the place I in and the fans I am with to change the show we doing this together. I not gonna just come out and press play. I want people to enjoy a show that organically happening. That very important, he says.

Just before we let him go, it be remiss not to ask whether he could be a fruit mule and bring us over some fresh mangoes from Manhattan. Fruit mule, now there a gap in the smuggling market.

would be the dumbest thing you could possibly do: travel to Australia as a fruit mule, the way they go after the fruit, you guys do not mess around out there! That is a decision I would not make, I rather go into the extreme world of drug trafficking. Plus it not something you wanna talk about in prison, are you in for? um, smuggling mangoes. Trevor Noah, Convention Centre, Brisbane, Aug. 29, $79.90/$89.90,.